Vehicle Management System

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Vehicle management system is an automated software for the transportation industry or an organization which owns a large number of vehicle & managing fleets. It is an organized code which provides management functions that permit corporations to get rid of or minimize the risks related to vehicles. It helps a business to boost up some outstanding criteria including the daily management of vehicles, fuel and services management, cost & inventory management etc.

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PGS has designed the most modern vehicle management software to manage large vehicles and fleets. This system processes and analyzes every single data of all vehicles. It is an online based software which is really helpful for Bus, Car, Taxi, Cover Van & Truck operators to manage everyday workflow and performance.

  • Real-time GPS tracking to monitor the location of vehicles.
  • Historical location data for analysis and reporting.
  • Monitoring of vehicle speed, fuel consumption, and other relevant parameters.
  • Automated scheduling of regular maintenance tasks.
  • Notifications for upcoming maintenance and service requirements.
  • Record-keeping of maintenance history.

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